Other Peeps on the Team!

Eli Rose- Founder

Eli has had a long journey of overcoming a past of addiction, abuse, and homelessness. After almost taking her life in 2012, she ended up in Captive Hearts Recovery Home, where she found true hope by giving her life to the Lord. Since then, she has been absolutely committed to serving and helping others. God has transformed her life from a life of drugs and pain, to a life of love, laughter, and giving back to those also lost in the trenches of hopelessness, loneliness, addiction and despair.

Our Amazing Team!

Karen Forzetti- Co Founder

Karen is a strong women of faith and prayer. Though growing up in a very violent and abusive childhood, she managed to find the Lord at just age 12. But as she got older, she too struggled with addiction and abusive relationships. Karen gives all credit to God for saving her from that life and rising above her past. Today Karen is a proud mother and grandmother. She lives to love and serve others in any way that she can. Karen has compassion, and deep empathy for the broken.